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The Original

classic BOGUS POTUS designs text only

Straight to the point, no fuss. Our original iconic phrase trumpeted loud and clear. Choose from four available styles: serifed or groovy text, with or without hashtag.


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Latest Designs

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campaign poster for Stormy Daniels 2020
Word Traitor in Cyrillic lettering with an orange O and donald trump necktie silhouette
Mueller Time sign that looks like Miller High Life sign
text on shirt that says super callous fascist racist extra bogus potus
looks like a campaign sign but instead of names says Literally Anyone else 2020
portrait of the white house with a circus big top on its roof with the phrase elect a clown get a circus
Bold block text that says Presidential Cabinet Prospect
Phrase Im Heaed to Mexico before they finish the wall in Mexican flag colours
Parody of Immigrant crossing freeway sign with Trump leaning in from right like Alfred Hitchcock
Silhouette of Trumps hair with old english text saying wig party
It's gonna be HUGE spelled exaggeratedly
Stop Global Oranging with planet with Trump Hair
Date: January 20, 2017 with text below End of an Error

BOGUS POTUS with Image

slanted triline slanted triline

Make your message abundantly clear with these shirts. Available in the same four styles as the original: serifed or groovy text, with or without hashtag. As always, any background color can be chosen (since it's white print, darks will work best). Click SHOP NOW below to see all four styles.


All designs are official trade marks of Bogus Potus, a subsidiary of Delightfully Visceral products.
e-mail: boguspotus@gmail.com